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    These little ornaments are absolutely perfect. Won't be too Heavy on the branches. The personalization you can do is amazing. The message you can give is awesome, one I have always tryed to impress on my children. The quality of these wonderful little ornaments far exceeds my expectations. The best ornaments I have ever found, with a very fair price. The more you buy the better the price, love it for I have five children. I received them so quickly, I was amazed. I can't say enough on how much I love them and am pleased with this purchase. Thank you for these wonderful gifts, and for all the choices available. I am sure my children will enjoy them for years. I can't wait for next year, I will be buying more.

    These little bags double as wrapping to give the gift in and for storage at the end of the season to keep ornaments safe. They are wonderful and great quality.

    Am pleased with the product. Names spelled correctly. Will order other items in the future.

    My ornaments were OUTSTANDING! I ordered three, one each for my two nieces and one nephew, whose oldest brother passed away in 2020. They were wonderful quality and being double sided was a most pleasant surprise! Thank you so much for a wonderful Christmas gift!

    Love, love, love this Christmas ornament! Beautifully done and very excited to share with the sisters ❤

    The ornaments I ordered far exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to order from this company again.
    My picture quality isn’t very good, but the ornament is!

    Bought for myself and 4 siblings. It came quickly and turned out beautiful.

    Quick shipping, every name/placement was perfect. I only wish that hair for men had more choices - my brothers have shoulder length hair, though I’m VERY SATISFIED with my ornaments - sending them out to my siblings to be hung on their tree this year.

    Absolutely love my new ornaments. I bought one for myself and my surviving brothers

    Love ❤️ these ornaments! I know these gifts for my two brothers and sister will be a very special addition to their holiday decorations. I can’t wait to put them in mail! They are something we will all cherish for years!!

    The ornaments I ordered are even better than I expected! Mine has 7 characters and each had the name and hair exactly as I had them. My brother is so happy with his, that he and his wife are having them made for their CC kids too. It was an especially nice surprise to see that the design is on both sides of the ornament and they did arrive pretty quickly as well.

    The ornaments I ordered are even better than I expected. A nice light weight so they’ll fit well on the tree. Mine have 10 characters and each had the name and hair exactly as I expected. My siblings will be over the moon when they get them. It was an especially nice surprise to see that the design is on both sides of the ornament. They came pretty quickly as well.

    Took longer than I expected but it was definitely worth the wait. I sent two to my surviving siblings and we love them!!

    I ordered personalized ornaments for my bff’s. They were even better than expected. I love that they are printed on both sides. They are well worth the cost!

    These are so pretty. I bought three one for each of my living sister's and one for myself. Out of 8 siblings we are the last 3 youngest left. These are such sweet ornaments. The one I delivered to was so excited!
    Thank you!
    They are so pretty.
    Awesome work!

    Love, love, love all 9 that I ordered. I love that it is 2 sided so when you hang it up you can always see it!

    I absolutely love my ornaments! I am comforted by the images and appreciate an outlet to honor my Sister and Brother who are no longer here in the flesh but always in my heart. I look forward to gifting this memorial to my surviving Brother.

    I bought this for my sister and I. she lives in Conneaut, and I live in Ohio. I absolutely love it and she did also

    Great purchase!

    I was surprised how fast I received my mug and loved it! My daughters and granddaughter love it too! Yes I added my granddaughter to my mug, couldn't leave her out. I was spectacle about ordering it being from Facebook but I had to try and yes they are legit! Thank you Make Z Bright. Great product. Now need one for Mother & Sons or Mother & her Children.

    Sister Cup

    I love my cup, it came out just like I wanted it too. Need to order one for my sister.